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The Hotel With A Jungle Theme


Hello everyone this post is going to be about a hotel that literally has a jungle theme in their lobby/atrium. This hotel is called the Embassy Suites and is located in Parsippany, New Jersey. Now you may be wondering why this is the second post I have written about a hotel in Parsippany, and the reason is that I live in New York, and Parsippany is a short drive away and a nice quiet spot for a weekend getaway. There are several hotels to choose from and it is located close to shopping and some leisure activities. In other words a nice little stay-cation spot. Now let’s get back to the part where I write my thoughts about the hotel.


The first thing that I love about this hotel is the atrium. Once you step into the hotel you can hear the water from the random fountains and mini waterfalls that are spread throughout the lobby. The whole experience in the atrium is amazing if you walk around you will even hear birds, yes birds. The hotel has cages randomly placed to add to the effect of the nature/jungle theme. all of the rooms exit out to the atrium so when you exit your room you are overlooking the “jungle” and you smell the trees and hear the sounds of the water and birds, it is a nice calming experience. When you look up you will see the sky through the many skylights that make up the roof of the hotel.


The next thing that I just love about this hotel is the rooms. As the name of the hotel implies, every room is a suite which means that each room has a sitting room and a separate bedroom. The sitting room has a sofa with a pull out bed which means if you are travelling with your children the parents can have some privacy while the children sleep in the other room. There are different sized suites one of them being The Presidential Suite which has two bedrooms each with its own bathroom as well as a separate livingroom with a wet bar. While I love the rooms at this hotel, I do think that they are a bit worn and old looking and could use an update.

double bed room

This hotel has some nice amenities and is geared more towards the business traveler rather than the family vacation. The hotel offers free breakfast and nightly happy hour drinks and snacks. They have an indoor pool with whirlpool, meeting rooms, a business center, fitness center, and 24 hour shuttle service to nearby locations. My least favorite of the amenities offered is the pool. Unlike many of the other hotels in the area, this hotel only has an indoor swimming pool, and it is small. The pictures on their website make it seem like it is large and spacious but when you enter the pool area you will be disappointed. When i was stayed at this hotel I had family also staying at the Sheraton Parsippany (see my blog about that hotel) which is a short drive away, and I ended up going there to use their pool since it was so much better than the pool at the Embassy Suites. My favorite amenity at this hotel is the free breakfast in the morning. They offer a nice breakfast with hot and cold food options as well as a made to order omelet bar.

In conclusion this hotel is geared more towards business traveler or someone who needs a place to stay for a night while travelling. If you’re looking for a long weekend, then there are some better options out there unless of course you want to go just for the jungle in their atrium.

Thanks for reading.

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