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Hotel On The Bay…(Quarzo Bal Harbour Update)

Hello everyone sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I recently took a trip down to Miami Beach, Florida for ten days, just to get away from the busy streets of Brooklyn, NY.  I stayed in Bal Harbour at the Quarzo Hotel. I previously wrote about the Quarzo in my first post on this blog (My First Post) so this is going to be a short update on my stay at this amazing hotel.

I’m going to tell you some of my favorite things about the Quarzo.


The Lobby area is small but very comfortable. Enjoy various types of magazines and books, water and juice, and if you need to print out your airline ticket they got you covered.


The Kitchen has all the comforts of home. It has a full-sized refrigerator,  microwave, stove, and plenty of counter space.


The hallways in the Quarzo are bright, clean, and always smells amazing when you walk in.

The pool is very clean, big, and lights up during the night. The pool gets cleaned every Monday and Friday.


The grass lounging area at the Quarzo has amazing views of the bay.

The living rooms are very spacious and has very modern decor, its perfect a perfect place to have guests over.

The dinning area has plenty of room for you and family to have a light dinner in your hotel room.

The Quarzo Bal Harbour is amazing I give this hotel 5 stars. Sadly the Quarzo will no longer be a hotel as of January 2018. The Quarzo will be renamed as The Beach House and will be long-term rental apartments. But if you’re in Bal Harbour from October untill January this is the best choice for you if you’re not looking to spend a lot of money on a hotel.

Thanks for reading- The Hotel Fanatic


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