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A Hotel With A Modern Flair (Special Addition)


A little while ago I was out and about in the amazing area of downtown Brooklyn. I was walking down a street that had three hotels on it,  the Sheraton, the Aloft and the Hotel Indigo. All three of these hotels were very nice but one of them caught my eye and I decided to go in and check it out, that hotel was The Hotel Indigo. I went into the hotel and began to look around, I was immediately drawn to the front desk and began to  observe the way the front desk staff dealt with the guests to help them and solve whatever problems they had. There was one particular guest who was extremely demanding and the staff remained calm, polite and accommodating. They went above and beyond to ensure that all of the guest’s needs were met and she was satisfied. Anyone who desires to work in the hospitality industry should learn from the people at this Hotel Indigo.

After they finished with that guest, I walked up to the front desk and introduced myself, I told them that I wrote blogs about hotels, and that I wanted to know if I would be able to see some of their rooms. The staff at the front desk made a few calls and after a few moments a staff member came out, greeted me and said that he was there to take me on a tour of the hotel.

We entered the elevator and took it to the third floor where we proceeded to a room with a king sized bed, it was amazing. The room was not large due to the fact that the hotel building itself was narrow, but the design and use of space was phenomenal. The decor was very modern with a leather head-board on the bed frame, wood floors instead of the traditional carpets and modern art work throughout the room.

Next we stepped into the room with double beds and let me just say WOW, this room had it all. When you step into the room you are greeted by two amazing beds that are so comfortable that when I laid down on one of them I didn’t want to get up. The bathroom was bigger than the one in the King room with a huge mirror and a large stall shower. In this room the entire ceiling was one giant work of art, so when you’re laying in bed you are looking up at modern art. The large windows gave you views of the Brooklyn skyline  and filled the room with lots of natural light.

Next we went up to the rooftop lounge. Once we stepped outside we were welcomed by modern tables and chairs where guests can relax while enjoying amazing views not found anywhere else in the area. The nighttime view I imagine would be spectacular with the neighboring buildings lighting up the skyline. I really enjoyed the rooftop area, I was even able to see the Verrazano Narrows Bridge in the distance, it really was one of the highlights of the tour.

After we left the rooftop we headed down to the second floor where the fitness center was located.  The room was not large but it was well equipped with everything needed for a decent workout. It was also well designed with large mirrors on one wall which gave the room a bigger appearance. Directly outside of the fitness center there is even and small outdoor area where guests can lay out mats for yoga or perform stretching exercises in the fresh air and sunshine.

The last stop on my tour was the hotel bar area. The area had a TV with a sitting area, a bar, and a balcony that overlooked the lobby. Overall it was a nice area for guests and friends to socialize.

All the Art pieces and pantings that decorate the hotel are from the Brooklyn Arts Council, and they are all made in Brooklyn. I can honestly say that I have nothing negative to say about this hotel. They have a great staff and a great atmosphere to be in.  The rooms are comfortable and the decor is just breathtaking. There is no swimming pool but even that is not an issue. I recommend this hotel 100%

You can visit their website for more details on price and availability.


I just want to say thank you to the wonderful front desk staff for giving me this tour and giving me the opportunity to write my review. I hope to actually stay at the Hotel Indigo in the near future.

Thanks for reading – The Hotel Fanatic

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