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A Midtown Adventure…


One of the best things about living in Brooklyn is that you are a short drive or subway ride from Manhattan. A couple of nights ago I was in the city (what we New Yorkers call Manhattan) and I wanted to go see some of the different hotels that was in the area I was in. I only had one hour in which to do this so I wasn’t expecting much, but boy was I surprised at how many I did actually get to see. In total I was able to visit eight hotels that were just steps away from each other. Some of them were amazing and the others were your regular city hotels. However, each one of them was unique in its own way.

Below is a list of the hotels that I was able to visit:

~Even Hotel Time Square South

~The New Yorker by Wyndham Hotels

~TRYP Hotel  NYC

~Hilton Garden Inn Midtown 

~Homewood Suites Midtown 

New! Crown Plaza HY36 Midtown Hotel 

~Courtyard by Marriott Midtown 

~DoubleTree by Hilton Midtown

Since this was a last minute unplanned trip into The City, I did not arrange for official tours of these hotels, I simply walked in, introduced myself, asked a few questions about the hotel and simply had a look around the lobby and the other public areas of the hotel. Every hotel lobby that I stepped into was different and each had its own amazing design. If I were to discuss the details of every hotel that is listed above, this blog will go on for several pages, so I will only tell you my thoughts on the hotels that I felt stood out from the rest.

New Yorker by Wyndham

The New Yorker is a very nice hotel. It is currently part of the Wyndham chain but it has a long history. It was built in 1929 and it was designed in the Art-Deco style. What I like is the fact that Wyndham  kept the original style of the hotel and kept it looking as what I imagine it looked like when it was first built. The  lobby is large and very bright, it’s filled with old-fashioned bright neon lights that make the lobby look like an old-time ballroom, all you have to do is add a dance floor and your good to go. Chairs and couches are scattered around the lobby and the hotel even offers a charging bar which is a table with outlets for you to charge your electronic items. They even kept the original tin ceiling in the lobby which still looks amazing today. When you enter the hotel you are greeted with the sight of a large flower arrangement on a table that is under a beautiful chandler. While I love modern style hotels, the classic style of this hotel reminds me of some of the old movies that my grandfather watches where men went out to dinner in tuxedos and women wore ballroom gowns to shows. I plan to return to this hotel in the future and arrange an official tour so that I can see what there rooms are like.

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Even Hotel Time Square South

This Hotel was the highlight of my adventure. I have always wanted to see what an Even Hotel was like. I always see their advertisements and their main selling point is that the hotel is health and wellness inspired. When I realized that I was passing an Even Hotel I literally ran into the hotel to see it for myself. When you walk through the doors of the hotel you are greeted by the front desk and 4 dispensers each filled with water in a different flavor for you to have 24/7. As you pass the front desk you are able to access the different public areas of the hotel. On one level is a door that leads you to the game room/lounge, It had a foosball table as well other games including a giant Jenga set. In another area was a lounge area that was set up with theater/bleacher style seating with pillows to just sit and lounge wit your friends. The fitness center was located one level down and appeared to be very large and well equipped. What was really amazing to me is that the building did not appear to be that large yet there seemed to be so much room inside. They did an amazing job at their creative use of space. It was truly amazing how they designed the lobby area. Don’t worry I will defiantly be staying at an even hotel in the future and writing a large detailed post about it as well.

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Homewood Suites Midtown

I have to say this hotel had the nicest front desk staff that I have ever seen. As I visit each hotel that I go into, I look around and speak to the front desk staff, I always ask them a few questions about their job and the hotel itself. I have to say that the Homewood  staff at this particular hotel were amazing. They really took the time to answer all of my questions, they were polite and informative. The hotel lobby itself was exceptional as well.  The wall behind the front desk was all lit up with the Homewood logo. The hotel offers the largest coffee bar I have ever seen at a hotel, I actually felt that I was in the coffee section of 7 Eleven. The coffee is available 24/7 for people who have to wake up early for work or for people leaving late to the airport. The lobby also had a very nice sitting area that has a TV, a couch and a charging bar in the rear of the lobby and all of this is under decorative rustic circular chandeliers. While I have yet to stay in one, the hotel appears to have a lot to offer in terms of rooms and amenities.

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All of the Hotels that I visited were amazing but I only wrote about the ones that really stood out above the rest. Below are some photos of the other hotels that I went into.


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