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A Weekend Getaway


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My family and I wanted to get away for a weekend, no where special, just a quick get away from our daily routines, a stay-cation as they say. As we were searching on-line we realized that all of the hotels in New Jersey that we usually stay where either all booked  or they were over priced. I decided to look at other areas and other  hotel chains. When I searched the Marriott properties in New Jersey I found two that looked promising, both of them had decent prices and amenities and also seemed to be in nice locations. What tipped the balance on the scale was the fact that only one of them had a hot tub. While that may not be a big deal for some, for us it is a necessity. So the decision was made, we where going to the Marriott Park Ridge New Jersey.

For me my Favorite part of any hotels is the lobby. It is the first thing you see when you walk in and it sets the mood for the rest of the hotel. The lobby at the Marriott Park Ridge is very spacious with its large atrium. It has a nice restaurant area in the center of the atrium, a very modern sitting area next to the front desk and my favorite thing about the lobby is the large Hotel room windows looking down into the lobby from the floors above.

The rooms at the Marriott Park Ridge are the standard Marriott hotel room. When you enter the hotel room you are greeted by the bathroom door on the side and a nice full length mirror. Once you get past the entrance way you have your beautiful room with either 2 beds or 1 king bed. the Room offers a desk that is against the wall but unlike other hotels this desk is movable so it can be re positioned you need more space. The rooms have several options with regards to the view it offers. Your options are, a view of the roof, a view of the lobby (My favorite View), a view of the pool or a view of the outside grounds around the hotel.


The amenities at the hotel are fairly standard and are more than enough for a two night stay. The hotel offers an indoor as well as an outdoor pool, meeting spaces, large ballrooms, a fitness center,and of course a nice business center. My favorite amenity is the pools.


The pools in the hotel are large, Once you walk into the pool area you walk into a room with high ceiling with hanging lights from the ceiling and large windows looking out on to the grounds.

There is a staircase in the pool area that goes from the top floor of the hotel directly down to the pool. This is a nice feature for those who do not wish to walk through the lobby in their swim suits. You can simply exit your room and walk down the separate pool stairway. This is the first hotel that I have been to that has this feature. Another thing that I like about the pool is that the indoor and outdoor pools are connected, They are separated by a glass door that when open during  the warmer months allows you to swim directly from one to the other. The pool area also includes a hot tub for people to enjoy.

The area of the hotel is right near the NY/NJ state line. It is located in a more quiet area so you wont hear much noise at night from traffic. while the hotel is in a quiet area There is shopping and things to do withing a thirty to forty minute drive from the hotel such as the Palisades Shopping Center or the Woodbury Commons Premium Outlet shops.

Overall I feel like this hotel is more for the average businessman or woman but it is also very nice for those who just want to get away for a night or two like we did. I would definitely come back to the Marriott Park Ridge over and over again and I highly recommend this hotel.

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  1. Beeeaaauuutiful! I couldn’t open up any of the pics to a larger size. I did see the smaller ones though. Probably just my phone. I LOVE the staircase from the room to the floor. Great idea!


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