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Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour Resort Tour (October 2017)


About a month ago I took a trip down to Miami Beach just to get away for a little while and I happened to be staying in the one of the most prestigious area of Miami, Bal Harbour. I love staying in Bal Harbour because of the private beach and the amazing hotels. Directly across the street from where I was staying was the Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour. I had made arrangements for a tour with the hotel so that I can get a first hand view of the amenities they offer and I wanted to get a taste of what the rooms are like.

When I arrived at the hotel I was greeted by the doorman who led me to a large open lobby with floor to ceiling windows. In the center there was a huge art piece that was facing out to the bay. Soon after I sat down, a woman from the front desk came up to me and offered me refreshments such as water and juice. The actual entrance to the hotel was closed as the hotel is currently undergoing a multi million dollar renovation to the lobby entrance.

We began the tour by visiting the hotel’s meeting spaces. The meeting rooms where very nice, each meeting room had large windows and all were set up to perfection for any kind of meeting. The rooms were large and comfortable with a large conference table and executive chairs.

After we left the meeting rooms we entered the restaurant which doubles as a small ballroom. This hotel does not have a large ballroom like the St. Regis Bal Harbour, rather they cater to smaller groups. Although the area is smaller than other hotels, it is magnificent. The room is bright and has many windows facing the water. During the current renovation the hotel is actually in the process of adding another room so as to make it slighty larger to accommodate larger groups.


The next stop of the tour took us up to one of the guest suites of the hotel. When you exit the elevator onto the floor, I was surprised to see only three doors, two of which are to the guest rooms and the third door is for staff only. Now you might be thinking how is there only three doors, the hotel wanted to make it easer for the guest to go to their room so they did away with the large hallways with multiple rooms and made access to the suites by means of semi private elevators that allowed personal suite entrances.  Once we entered the suite we walked into a spacious living room which had floor to ceiling windows and a balcony facing the ocean. The room was furnished with a beautiful couch and two chairs with a large flat screen television. The room had a full bar and beyond that  was the entrance to the full kitchen which was equipped with European cabinetry, granite counters, Wolf and Subzero appliances, microwave and convection ovens, dishwasher and Espresso maker. The master bedroom had another balcony facing the canal and Sunny Isles and a partial ocean view which was spectacular. The room had a large desk and a king sized bed in the center, with a connecting the master bathroom. The suite had one full and one half bathroom, the décor of the master bathroom was named for one of the best designed bathrooms and is spacious and filled with exclusive Asprey bath amenities, a plush robe and comfortable slippers for each guest and there is a hair dryer and scale in the bathroom as well.


Our next stop on the tour was the pool area. Having the guest’s comfort and privacy in mind, the hotel designed the walkway to pool to be below the lobby level unlike many other hotels where the guest must walk through the lobby in their swim suits. The pool area was very nice, the hotel only offers one pool and a jacuzzi but that one pool is quite large. There are cabanas on the side for guests who reserve them,  the pool has gorgeous views of the ocean and the bay. At the entrance to the pool area there is a stand where guests can get pool towels as well as complimentary moisturizing creams and lotions. While all hotels offer towels by the pool I have not seen many that offer lotions, I found that to be a nice touch. The hotel does have a five-star spa with a large array of treatments and massages as well as a very well equipped twenty four hour fitness center, however due to time constraints we could not include those areas in the tour. One other thing that the hotel offers which I think is a nice thing is free use of bicycles to ride around the neighborhood and beach area.

The things I liked most about this hotel was the way in which affords its guest with more privacy, This was evident in the tower that housed the suites as well as the guest access to the pool. I loved the fact that the suites were only two to a floor. Guests are afforded more privacy and exclusivity. The walkway to the pool also allows the guests more privacy by allowing them to bypass the lobby when in their swim suits. Another great thing about this hotel are the full kitchens in each guest room. This is a nice option for guests who want to spend a quiet evening in and want to prepare their own meal. Not everyone wants to go out every evening for dinner, they can prepare a light healthy meal and enjoy the beach views while eating dinner in the privacy of their own room.


 This Ritz Carlton is actually a residential hotel which means that it is still a hotel, but each guest room is owned by a person and that person allows the Ritz Carlton to use it as hotel rooms when the owners are not present. That is why every room has the layout of an apartment with a living room and full kitchen and even has a doorbell on the outside of the room.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour for giving me this tour and treating me as if  I was a guest at the hotel and not like a blogger. I look forward to staying at the Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour in the future.

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