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Every time I stay at a hotel I always take a lots of photos so that I can have a memory of my stay, however it never seemed to be enough. Ever since I was young, there was always one thing that I always took home with me as a memento,  that one thing was the hotel pen. I love hotel pens, even when I am not staying at a hotel and just walking in the city and I pass by a hotel, I usually would walk in and ask the front desk staff if they have a hotel pen and they would never say no. Now I have a nice size collection, it consists of over 200 hotel branded pens.

People may not think that the hotel pen is a big deal, it is a tool to write something down with. In reality it is probably one of the hotel’s biggest marketing tools. People take the pens to use they get left all over. When someone uses the pen and sees the logo on it, it registers on a person’s mind and they will sub-consciously look up those brands when they are looking to book a trip.

Each hotel pen is different in its own way, depending on the hotel brand and its location. Different hotels use various different shapes, sizes and designs of their pens. One example is the Starwood Hotels brand, all of their hotel brands use the same hotel pen shape and design however each hotel puts their own color and logo on their pens. Even though all of the Starwood branded hotels have the same design, it still has a different name on it and that’s what makes it special in its own way.  Below I will show part of my collection. Each photo will feature a different style pen such as push button, twist  or stick  All of the photos are pens that are part of my collection.


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