An Old School Essay

I was going through my computer trying to clean out storage and I came across one of my essays from a few years ago that I wrote for school. As you can see, my passion for hotels began a long time ago, and has not diminished. 

There have always been two distinct types of lodging in the United States hospitality industry, hotels and motels. There have always been differences between the two which have made them unique and different from one another. Even though in today’s changing time the two are starting to become more alike, there are they still many differences between them.

Hotels and motels have traditionally had different structural designs. The word “motel” is actually a contraction of the two words “motorist hotel”. The design of the motel was geared towards the convenience of the people traveling along highways. Most of the original motels were designed with rooms that had exterior facing doors on the building. The reason for this was so that people could simply drive up in their vehicles to the room that they were staying in and walk directly into their rooms. Hotels on the other hand were designed entirely differently. Unlike a motel your car would be parked in a lot or garage in an area that was not near your room. You would enter the building through one main entrance into a grand lobby. From the lobby you would take an elevator to your floor and walk to your room via an interior hallway.

Another difference between hotels and motels was in the areas in which they were generally located. Motels were typically located along major roadways and highways and were usually on the outskirts of the city. The reason for this was because motels were designed for the needs of the traveler who was traveling from city to city along these roads. Hotels on the other hand were usually located in the city centers, business districts and major tourist attractions. This was because hotels would cater more towards the business traveler and the tourists that want to be near the center of the city or town.

There has also always been a big difference in the amenities offered between hotels and motels. A motel traditionally offered very little in terms of amenities. The purpose of a motel was simply to offer travelers a place to rest or spend the night while traveling. As such there was little need to offer the traveler very much other than a room. Hotels cater to people who will be spending more time and money during their stay traditionally offered more in terms of amenities such as restaurants, bars, room service, exercise rooms and even laundry services. Many hotels offer conference rooms for business meetings and presentations as well.

In summary, there are major differences between hotels and motels. There are differences in design, location, purpose and amenities. Both hotels and motels serve the same general purpose, they offer lodging for people who are travelling away from their home. However, they differ because they each provide their services to different types of travelers who require different types of needs.


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