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St Regis Bal Harbour Resort Tour (October 2017)

A while ago I was able to arrange a private tour with one of the most prestigious hotels on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach, Florida, the St Regis Bal Harbour. Before I take  you along with me on my tour I want to provide some information on the hotel.

  • 217 guest rooms
  • 55% occupancy rate (as of October 2017)
  • One Family pool
  • Two adult pools
  • Two residential pools
  • Wedding at the hotel starts from $300 per person
  • Dinner in the St Regis famous wine vault is $500 per person
  • In the lobby of the hotel there are 24 Karat gold flaked macarons that cost $9703

When I arrived at the resort I entered through a set of double doors with large handles emblazoned with the hotel logo. Off to the side of the entrance there were two benches and an ice bucket filled with bottled water to enjoy while you wait for the valet to take or bring your car. When you pull up to the entrance there are a bellman waiting to help you with your baggage. Once I entered the lobby I was amazed by the lobby design. There was a giant art piece hanging from the ceiling with two large chairs on each side of the room. You then passed into a hallway full of glass and mirrors and four giant chandeliers. On the right side of the were the check in desks. When I say “desks” I mean that rather than having a large front desk check in area like most hotels, there are individual desks for each guest to sit at while the are being checked in by the hotel staff.This gives the guest checking in a feeling of importance and offers them more privacy during the check in process. While sitting in the comfortable leather chairs and being checked in, a hostess will offer you water or champagne. If you have a baby with you he or she will be offered juice and be presented with a stuffed animal with the St. Regis logo on it. (advertising is always a good idea) Displayed in the lobby is a glass case with macarons in them on a crystal platter. These are not just any macrons, these desert items are topped with edible 14 karat gold flakes. The cost of the macaron is $9703 which just happens to be the address of the hotel. Macaron purchasing customers receive an overnight stay in the resort’s Sky Palace Suites and are served the delectable cookies as part of a classic afternoon tea. After I looked around the check in area I sat down and waited for the head of marketing to meet me so that we could begin the tour.

We began our tour at the BH Burger Bar restaurant which offered signature burgers, steaks, sides and shakes. The decor was modern with red chairs and a large bar that served craft beers. Next we went to the Greek restaurant called Atlantikos. The room had floor to ceiling windows and was painted white and bright blue, the colors of Greece. The menu was full of authentic mouthwatering Greek cuisine. After we left the restaurant we went to go see the swimming pools of the resort. The hotel offers a very nice family pool for the guests which is quite large and has a lot of areas to sit and relax in the sun. If you are hungry or just want a drink there is a bar located near the pool or you can just order food  from one of the workers that are walking around waiting to take your order. If you are an adult you can talk advantage of the two adult only pools that are just a short walk from the family pool. The hotel offers cabanas for anyone to rent for the day. The cabanas include a bed, a bathroom with shower and a TV and mini bar.

Once we left the pool area we headed down to see the meeting rooms and ball rooms. There are several meeting rooms of various sizes. The decor is professional with high ceilings, plenty of light and beautiful patterned plush carpets. There were small conference rooms as well as large  capacity rooms for presentations. There were also several ballrooms located in the St. Regis. The ballrooms were also of different sizes and configurations. The hotel can accommodate events from as little as sixty to as large as five hundred.

The next stop on the tour was the guest rooms and suites. We first went to see a regular guest room. I walked in and was amazed that this was a regular guest room, but then I remembered that this is the St Regis. You enter the room through a small hallway that has a picture and a small table on one side with the entrance to the bathroom on the other. The bathroom was very nicely appointed with ambient light, a nice size bathtub, two vanities and a large mirror. The room was filled with large amounts of shampoo and body wash. If you want to get relax after a nice long soak in the tub you can slip into a plush St Regis robe and slippers. The bedroom is very nice, it has a flat screen television and a nice size bed, the balconies boast amazing ocean and beach views and are a perfect place to relax while enjoying dinner from the extensive room service menu.

Next we went to see the Palace Suite, this was truly amazing.  It was situated on its own floor. The Palace Suite has four bedrooms and four bathrooms. This 2,900 share foot ocean view suite can accommodate up to ten guests. The suite has a full dining room table and kitchen with a wine cooler. Each bedroom has its own balcony with lounge chairs and even the living room (yes, a living room) has its own balcony with a table and two chairs on it. The living room a has a large couch and a huge flat screen TV and a nice coffee table situated in the middle of the room.

You might think the rooms don’t get any better than the Palace Suite, well it does. On our final stop of the guest room portion of the tour we visited the Presidential Suite. The Presidential Suite is accessible via a private elevator that only you and the people who live in the residential part of the hotel can use. In the presidential suite, guests will discover a chic, expansive living space complete with gourmet kitchen and St. Regis Butler service, master dining room, a media room, two bedrooms and spectacular five-fixture marble bathrooms, and a 1,200 square foot private balcony with unparalleled sweeping views of the Miami coastline and sumptuous surroundings below. The balcony in my opinion is one of the nicest features, it wraps around the suite offering you a sweeping view of Miami on one side and Sunny Isles on the other.

Our final stop on the tour was to the St Regis bar and wine vault. As we arrived at the bar I got to the bar to see the bartenders setting up the bar. This bar only serves top shelf liquor and the bar area is very classy with nice candle lit tables. The Wine vault has a red velvet rope at the entrance. The wine vault is a large room with the walls lined with all glass temperature-controlled wine vaults filled with an exemplary collection of the World’s finest Champagnes, rare vintage wines and hand crafted cocktails. There is a long table in the middle of the room with high backed chairs for you to sit on. To book this room to eat in you have to reserve it months in advance and the cost is $500 per person.

This hotel is tops in its class and everyone should experience the luxury and service of the St Regis Bal Harbour.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to St Regis Bal Harbour for giving me this tour and treating me as if  I was a guest at the hotel and not like a blogger. I look forward to staying at the St Regis Bal Harbour in the future.

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