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A Day of Hotels (Times Square NYC) Part 2

This post is a continuation of A Day of Hotels Part 1, since the post was getting a little too long I decided to make it into two parts. If you have not read Part 1 of this post then click here to read it. If you don’t remember what this post was about, I am discussing my favorite hotels that I visited while walking through the Times Square area of New York City and just telling you what I experienced while checking them out.

W New York Time Square:


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As everyone one knows the W brand is a new generation of hotels geared more towards the younger generation of travelers. This specific W Hotel has a unique theme that makes the hotel different from the rest of the W hotels around the world.  Once you enter the hotel you have two elevators banks that take you up to the themed lobby. As I mentioned in part one of this blog, the lobbies of the hotels in Times Square are not at the street level, they are usually on the second floor of the building. When you walk towards the elevators you walk under a waterfall effect which goes from one side of the room to the other, it is a really nice effect and design. After you take a nice elevator ride up a few floors you enter the actual lobby of the hotel. I spoken to the front desk staff which were very nice they told us that the hotel lobby’s theme is actually inspired by New Year’s Eve in Times Square.  I thought that is a perfect theme for a Time Square hotel! The lobby is decorated in dark colors with booths to sit in and tables with spot lights and flowers. At the back end of the lobby you have a long bar serving top shelf liquor, a photo both, and a huge DJ station where they have entertainment on weekends. The DJ Booth is designed to represent the ball that drops in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. While admiring the lobby I noticed some guests going up their room so I went with them just to take a look at what the hallways by the quest rooms looked like and they were amazing. They looked clean and with nice dark colors mixing together it was perfect. The entire hotel is just perfect for anyone looking to stay in an upbeat cool hotel.

CitizenM Time Square:


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The CitizenM Hotel brand is new hotel brand based exclusively in Europe but is beginning to branch out in other continents as well.  This location in Times Square is the only CitizenM hotel currently located in the United States, Although we were told that there will be others opening soon. This hotel is by far my favorite hotel out of the fifteen that I have visited on this day. When you walk up to the entrance of the hotel you are greeted by a wall of items that looks like giant bookcase, and a giant M for the hotel’s name CitizenM (the M stands for mobile). Once you walk under the big red lights you enter the hotel and you are greeted by a design like you have never seen before. A high ceiling lobby with one entire wall filled with shelves filled with different artwork, knickknacks and other cool items. Scattered around the hotel are little models of colorful animals which is a nice addition to the hotel. On the other side of the wall is a black wall with two huge stick figures painted on them that are designed to appear as if they are walking.

There are many areas to relax and enjoy the views of the different art works around the lobby. If you are not in the mood of sitting on a low reclining chair, no problem the hotel has a bar area set up with high tables with power outlets for you to charge your portable devices and even get some work done. There is no front desks, instead there are a set of kiosks where you can check in to the hotel in less than a minute, that how fast it is and instead of giving back the key cards at the end of your stay, they provide you with this rubber string which you attach to the key card and then transforms it  into a luggage name tag for when you travel. My favorite part of this hotel is the bar. This bar is not only a bar for drinks you can order any kind of food or drinks twenty four hours a day. This whole hotel is amazing, the hotel designed the lobby to be a comfortable and welcoming environment because they don’t want you to be in the room the whole time. The hotel wants you to be in the lobby talking and playing games while you sip your wine of coffee. This hotel is one of a kind, soon CitizenM will be opening their second location in New York as well, so stay tuned for a separate post on that hotel when it opens.

New York Marriott Marquis:

The New York Marriott Marquis is an architectural masterpiece, I am truly amazed by the hotel. I was able to arrange a tour of the hotel so I wont be writing about it in this post, but I just wanted to mention that this hotel is also one of my favorites. Follow my blog for the future post on this hotel.


Below are pictures of all the other hotels that i have went to:



All the hotels I went to are amazing and I would love to stay a night in each one of them just to get the full experience. I hope you enjoyed this two part grand hotel adventure! Thanks for reading – The Hotel Fanatic


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