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The King of Times Square Hotels…The Marriott Marquis

Recently I spent the day in the Manhattan with the plan of visiting every hotel in the Times Square area (to see my post about it, click HERE). I had managed to schedule a tour with one of the largest hotels in the area, the Marriott Marquis. I had arranged this tour in order to see more than just the common public areas of this phenomenal hotel. I wanted to see the meeting rooms, the ballrooms and of course the guest rooms. In this post I will be taking you along with me on this grand hotel tour and sharing my thoughts on this massive hotel.

When I arrived at the Marriott Marquis entered the building and was greeted by a staff member at the security desk who welcomed me and directed me up to the main lobby. The lobby is not on the first floor it is on the Eighth floor of the hotel. If you are wondering why the lobby is on the eighth floor, it is because the second through the seventh floors are where the meeting rooms and ballrooms where the hotel holds all the party’s and any other kind of events are located. When I exited the elevator and entered the lobby I was amazed. I stepped out into a massive hotel lobby with a giant atrium going up all the way to the top of the building.  In the center of this tremendous open lobby was the elevator shaft with its unique outward facing cars that were zooming up and down to the different floors of the hotel. In the lobby there were multiple sitting areas as well as two restaurants. One of which a beautiful view of Time Square  below. When I walked up to the massive front desk to ask a few questions, I found the staff to be very knowledgeable and very helpful. I took a few pictures of the lobby before proceeding to the catering office where I was to meet with the staffer who would be conducting my tour.



The first stop on my tour was the meeting rooms and event spaces that were located on floors two through seven. The main event space is absolutely beautiful with very nice light fixtures on the ceiling with color changing lights. The actual room is huge and can easily accommodate several hundred people. The event room is actually comprised of two levels. the lower level is the main ball room containing most of the space. The upper level is a balcony level which overlooks the main floor.  The smaller sized ballroom is very nice as well, there are actually so many event and conference rooms that I would be there all day just looking at all of them so I only visited two of them.

Once we left the event space area we took the elevators up to the 45th floor to see some of the guest rooms. Upon exiting the elevator I was immediately impressed with the cleanliness of the hallway, but what really amazed me was the spectacular views of lobby due to the open atrium design. The first room I was taken to was a king bed room. When  I entered the guest room I was surprised by how large the guest room actually was. Hotels rooms in Time Square are generally made smaller since in order to accommodate the larger than normal amount of tourists who wish to stay in the area. The Marriott Marquis is one of few hotels in Time Square that have large size guest rooms. Some people may not think that this is a big deal, but trust me after a long day of touring NYC, coming back to a room that has room to spread out a little is nice. The bathroom is also large, and very well appointed with a large sink area, a well lighted large mirror and a nice sized shower. The room had a desk for you to do your work on, a flat screen TV and a very comfortable looking bed. The View from the bedroom window was impressive, you looked directly at the W New York hotel as well as  views of Manhattan.

The only other room I was shown on the tour was one of the suites in the hotel. Iit was on the same floor as the king bed room that I saw and I was actually surprised at how nice this room was. Upon entering the first thing I noticed was a massive desk upon which was a large screen TV. Also in the room was a dining room table with seating for four and two large windows with views overlooking out on to the Hudson River. As it was a suite the bedroom was separate from the living space and was quite large as was the bathroom. The room was bright with a mix of  natural and artificial light. The bathroom was accessible from two entryways, one in the living area and the other entrance from the bedroom. The bedroom also had a large sized closet to keep all of you items in. Over all I found the room to be amazing, the layout and décor was brilliant, I give this room (Suite) five stars. After we left the suite we took the spectacular elevator back down to the lobby to end the tour of this amazing hotel.

My final thoughts on this Hotel:

This hotel does not have a pool or spa due to the location and the clientele that this hotel attracts. This hotel is geared more towards conventions and corporate fundraising dinners than other hotels on the Marriot Chain. A normal Marriott is usually half the size of a Marriott Marquis. The whole point of the Marriott Marquis brand is that the location is in the heart of a major city and it is geared more towards events and meeting and staying for business rather than leisure. Over all this is a great hotel, the large lobby and the wonderful staff, the restaurants and the event spaces looks amazing. I would love to stay at the Marriott marquis in the future in order to get the full experience!



I would like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful and knowledgeable staff  of the Marriott Marquis. They treated me with the upmost courtesy and respect. They went above and beyond to answer all of my questions and truly made me feel as if I was one of the guests in their hotel.

Thanks for reading -The Hotel Fanatic


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