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A Miami Beach Adventure

Recently I took a trip to Miami Beach just to get away from the hustle and bustle of the New York City. I stayed in Bal Harbour neighborhood at the Quarzo Hotel directly across the street from the Ritz Carlton and down the block from the St Regis. Since I was staying in the center of it all I thought it would be a good idea to go see a few different hotels around Miami Beach. I selected what I thought were the best hotels in the Miami Beach area to go see what they are like. Below I will list all of the hotels that I have seen and I will write a short review about my favorite hotels.

  1. Quarzo Bal Harbour
  2. St Regis Bal Harbour Resort
  3. Ritz Carlton Resort Bal Harbour
  4. Fontainebleau Hotel Miami Beach
  5. Soho Beach House Miami Beach 
  6. SLS Hotel South Beach
  7. The Kimpton Surfcomber South Beach
  8. Delano South Beach 
  9. Nobu Hotel Miami beach


All the hotels that I am reviewing is based on the lobby experience. Since I did not stay at the hotels and I  did not have an official tour, I can not say anything about the rooms of these amazing hotels.


Delano South Beach

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The Delano South Beach is a high-class hotel with a modern touch. The hotel  is a small but tall building with an old South Beach look on the outside. The Hotel Entrance is covered with a giant wall of bushes so there is only one way to get in and one way to get out it’s not open area. Once you walk up the big marble steps and go under the giant modern chandelier you enter through their large doors that let you into the hotel. The hotel has a massive lobby with an amazing decor. On the right side of the lobby there is a giant chair that makes you feel like a king or queen when you sit down in it. All you need is a royal servant ( just ask the front desk, they will provide you one 🙂 ). On the left side of the lobby is the front desk. The front desk is really nice and simple it is very basic and not overstated which fits this hotel perfectly. When you walk past the front desk you walk through this long hallway with giant pillars on each side of you. Don’t worry about finding a place to rest after partying all night in South Beach and find that you have misplaced your room key. There are chairs and couches all along the hallway, the walls have different art pieces on them and one wall is made out of light fixtures. The Delano South Beach is one of my favorite hotels in the South Beach area.


Fontainebleau Hotel Miami Beach 

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The Fontainebleau Hotel is known to be one of the most famous as well as one of the best hotels in Miami Beach, in fact it is even a landmark. the Hotel is very large, and there are several entrances to hotel. I entered the hotel through the walk in entrance since I did not drive. When you walk in you are welcomed by a giant blue chandelier and marble floors and pillars. The lobby is very nice and spacious with high ceiling and floor to ceiling windows looking out to the hotels multiple pools. The decor is classic and reminiscent of the glory days of old when the hotel was in it’s glory. In the center of the lobby is a bar that rises up all the way to the ceiling, and on the side of the lobby you have one of the hotel’s many restaurants. When you check in to the hotel you go to a different area of the lobby that has lower ceiling but still very nice. The front desk is very nice with a colorful background in the back wall. If you are driving to the hotel, you have a separate entrance on the side of the hotel. You drive up a long driveway to the entrance where a valet will take your car and park it for you.  When you enter the hotel from that entrance, you walk down a long pathway towards the main lobby. On one side of the pathway the walls are floor to ceiling windows which overlook the magnificent pool area. The other side is a wall covered with photos depicting the full of the history of the hotel. The photos are full of the famous stars who have frequented ans performed at the hotel. There is a section that is devoted to Frank Sinatra, it’s very interesting. The Fontainebleau is very nice hotel it is one of my favorites but I wouldn’t pick it to be one of my go to hotels when I am in the Miami Beach area. In my opinion it is trying to relive its glory days of the fifties.


SLS Hotel South Beach

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The SLS South Beach is one of my favorite hotels in South Beach. The Hotel is right across the street from the Delano Hotel. The hotel is a great choice to stay if you’re in the area, when you come to the hotel you walk up a set of red carpeted stairs and when you pass through these big doors, you will feel as if you are walking into a grand ball. The Hotel lobby is a little smaller than the other hotels in South Beach but bear in mind, the hotel is in a smaller building. The SLS brand takes over old hotel building and transforms them into their hotels. The lobby is more of a restaurant than a lobby, on the left side of the lobby is the check in desk. The art behind the desk is amazing and really creative. The whole theme of the SLS hotels is Monkey servants. So if you look at the decor and art around the South Beach location you will find monkeys depicted throughout the hotel. The decor is very funky and just has a very nice design to it. The pool in this hotel is very nice it is longer than it is wide but that’s how the building is so they only have a certain amount of room. If you want to take a great Instagram photo then stop by the giant duck by the pool area. The SLS Hotels are known for having a big model of something either by the entrance of the hotel or by the pool.


Ritz Carlton Bal Harbour Resort


The Ritz Carlton Resort is a great hotel with its amazing amenities and 5 star services. I am not going to say anything about this hotel since I have already written a separate post on this resort. You can click HERE to read my review on this amazing hotel.


St Regis Bal Harbour Resort


The St Regis Bal Harbour Resort is one of the finest hotels that you can stay at in Miami Beach. The Resort is known for its luxury amenities and its amazing staff. The hotel was rated one of the best hotels in Florida last year. I have written a separate post about this hotel. Click HERE to read my review on this hotel.

Thanks for reading- The Hotel Fanatic


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