Why I love Airport Hotels and the benefits of staying in them

You might not know me, you may just think that I am a blogger with a passion for hotels, well you are wrong. I am an aviation geek as well. Ever since I was young I always loved staying in hotels, but if I wasn’t staying in a hotel then I would be with my dad watching different sized planes taxi to the runway at our special viewing area at JFK Airport. Once I started getting older I combined my passion for the two and started staying in hotels either in the airport itself or at a hotel near the airport that has a view of the runway, taxi way, or just a view of planes taking off and landing.

Airport hotels are usually occupied by travelers with lay overs or by people whose flight got canceled and got rescheduled for a different time. Then there are those people who are not holding a suitcase while they check in but they are holding a camera and a small duffel bag and they live in the surrounding area. Those people are called “aviation geeks”. I am one of them, if I would be booking a room at the nearest airport hotel I  would be going for the hotel experience as well as to go plane spotting.

Many travelers will not choose to stay at airport hotels due to their location. Many tourists want to stay in the heart of the city where they can be close to the tourist attractions, city night life and restaurants. In most cases the airport hotels do not meet those criteria. Another reason why many people do not like staying at airport hotels is that they don’t like the noise of the airplanes landing and taking off. I am here to tell you the benefits of airport hotels and why you should love them as much as I do. When you stay at an airport hotel there are always advantages that come with booking that hotel near the runway.


If your flight gets delayed or you have a connecting flight the next morning then you will want to stay somewhere that is a short distance to the airport. Depending on the time of day of your flight, rush hour traffic can be a major factor in determining the amount of time it takes to travel to and from the airport from the city. It might take too much time to go into the heart of the city and find a hotel. So hotel airports become a good option, Location is one of the best features of staying in an airport hotel.


Everything you need is under one roof

Many people are under the impression that airport hotels offer you the bare minimum with regards to amenities. However, airport hotels have a lot of things that make you feel more relaxed and take your mind off the fact that your far away from the comfort of your home and family. Things like spas, beauty salons, and fitness centers. Conference and meeting rooms, and business centers, restaurants, bars, and more. Just because your spending the night or two in a hotel airport does not mean you can’t have the amenities.

Get past the traffic

If you have an early flight that you have to catch in the morning or evening, traffic is bound to get in your way. If there is an accident or it’s just heavy traffic you take the chance of either missing your flight or making it to the airport with no time to spare. Getting to the plane stressed is not a good why to fly. Even if your flight is scheduled for the next day book a room at an airport hotel the night before so you don’t have to be stressed about getting there. All airport hotels offer a free shuttle service to pick you up and drop you off at the airport. This is also one less thing to worry about especially if you are travelling to a place that you have never been to before and are not familiar with the local routes.

Save money

There are different ways on how you can save money by staying at an airport hotel. One way is that you can save on your taxi ride to and from the airport. Since you are close to the airport it will be a short inexpensive ride form the airport to the hotel. Or as mentioned before you can have a free hotel shuttle take you to and from the airport.  Prices on rooms at hotel airports can be less expensive than hotels in the heart of the city since the airport hotels are competing with city hotels because most tourists choose to stay in “city hotels”.

A list of the best airport hotels around the word:

This list is made up of different hotels that I have found from multiple travel sites on the world wide web.

  1. Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

    (Click here to visit the hotels website)

  2. Pullman Guangzhou Airport

    (Click here to visit the hotels website)

  3. Hong Kong Sky City Marriott

    (Click here to visit the hotels website)

  4. Hilton Munich Airport

    (Click here to visit the hotels website)

  5. Regal Airport Hong Kong

    (Click here to visit the hotels website)

  6. Langham Place Beijing

    (Click here to visit the hotels website)

  7. Fairmont Vancouver Airport

    (Click here to visit the hotels website)

  8. Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain

    (Click here to visit the hotels website)

  9. Hilton Frankfurt Airport

    (Click here to visit the hotels website)

  10. Hotel NH Vienna Airport

    (Click here to visit the hotels website)

  11. Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport

    (Click here to visit the hotels website)


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