How I feel about robots working in hotels

Are robots taking away jobs at hotels? As technology advances robots are becoming a large part of the world and is starting to become big in the hospitality world as well. I have been reading a few articles on how hotels are using robots to deliver items to guests in their rooms such as room service, extra pillows and blankets etc. rather than a person.  One Sheraton hotel in Los Angeles is even testing a new luggage robot that will bring your luggage up to your room. When your items arrive at your door instead of someone knocking on your door, the robot will call your room to let you know it has arrived.


Technology is constantly improving and robots are becoming commonplace in today’s world. Are we living the lifestyle of the Jetsons with Rosie the robot as our housekeeper?Not yet, but we are definitely getting closer. In japan there is a new hotel where there are no people at the front desk. Check in and check out are handled by a robot staff even room service is handled by robots. I don’t know if this concept will take off so quickly in the U.S. I don’t mind having my luggage delivered by a robot, But I think the human touch is better.

In my future post I will be discussing different hotels that have adopted robots into their day to-day operation stay tuned.


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