My Picks for the Top Five Hotel Pools Around The World.

Whenever you stay at a resort or even just at a random hotel off the highway, they are most likly going to have a pool and maybe even a hot tub. Hotel pools can be a big draw when it comes to choosing a hotel. It seems that people today are much more health conscious so when choosing their hotel they will most likely look for one with a modern workout room and pool. Even the business traveler is likely to dedicate part of their time at the hotel towards physical fitness. it is for this reason than many  hotels offer will be designed with a swimming pool.

The hotels that I will be listing below are known for their spectacular pools. Whether it be for their size or design of the pool or for their location.

Disclaimer: This list was created by The Hotel Fanatic himself. Some hotels that are listed, The Hotel Fanatic has not yet been visited, however he has researched and read multiple reviews about them. He has also spoken to people about the hotels listed below.

1.  Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Located in Singapore the Marina Bay Sands is truly an amazing hotel it is even one of Singapore’s landmarks. This Hotel’s pool is truly out of this world. It is a roof top pool, but not any roof top pool, this pool is fifty seven stories high and it spans across  three towers. Its called the SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands. The pool is an infinity pool so make sure to bring your camera with you. This hotel pool can give you the best views of Singapore and trust me you will get a lot more likes on Instagram with you hanging out with the Singapore skyline as you photo background. You must be a guest of the hotel in order to use this abasing swimming pool. If you are not a guest of the hotel, you can purchase a ticket to get access to the viewing deck however this does not allow you to access the pool itself.

If you are going to be in Singapore in the upcoming days, months, or years then check out the hotel’s website for more details and maybe you will put this on your to-do list when you visit Singapore (Click Here to visit the Marina Bay Sands website!)

Photo taken from Google
Photo taken from Google
Photo taken from Google

2. 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Park

This pool did not make it to my list because of its size or looks. What makes this pool stand out is the view from the pool. Have you ever been to Brooklyn before? If you have then you have probably heard about Brooklyn Bridge Park. Brooklyn Bridge Park is a new large park that sits on the water with one of the best unobstructed view of the Manhattan skyline as well as the Brooklyn Bridge. Brooklyn Bridge Park is home to the 1 Hotel. This hotel is more of an eco-friendly hotel and considered a boutique hotel which makes it a perfect fit for the park. On roof of this hotel is their infinity pool which overlooks the one of a kind Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge. If you desire a nighttime swim and a drink at the rooftop bar that s next to the pool be my guest, but make sure you are a guest otherwise all you get is the bar not the pool.

Want one of the best views of  the Manhattan skyline in a “1” of a kind way? Visit the hotel website for more details. (Click here to visit the 1 Brooklyn Bridge Park website)

Photo taken from Google
Photo taken from Google
Photo taken from Google

3. Riu Palace Aruba

Siting right on the island of Aruba is the Riu Palace Aruba. This hotel pool caught my eye from a mile away.  I don’t know if it was the swim up bar or maybe the shape and colors of the tiles that lay on the bottom of the pool. This pool has its own style and theme that I think fits perfectly with the island of Aruba. Who wouldn’t like to get a drink while still in the pool or swim on different levels since one area of the pool is higher than the other! I think this pool is amazing and I would love to soak up the sun while floating in this pool.

Want to find out more about this hotel then visit their website (Click here to visit the Riu Palace, Aruba website)

Photo taken from Google
Photo taken from Google
Photo taken from Google

4. Clarion Hotel, Helsinki

This hotel pool is is not for those who have a fear of heights. This hotel pool has a glass bottom which allows you to look straight down at the ground below. You are probably asking yourself over and over again how does this glass hold all the weight of the water. Well it holds just fine and people who stay at the Clarion, Helsinki have been in this pool before. This pool is a roof top pool, but its kind of living off the edge, literally, because this pool hangs over the roof of the hotel to give the guest a different experience than other hotel pools. If you swim to the edge of this pool you will see that all you are standing on is glass.

If you are planning on visiting Helsinki any time soon then visit their website for more information on the hotel itself and maybe read up some more on this hotel pool! (click here to visit the Clarion Hotel, Helsinki)

Photo taken from Google
Photo taken from Google
Photo taken from Google

5. The Library, Koh Samui

I have to say I am in love with this resort and of course its pool. This hotel is a very unique hotel with its spectacular décor and theme. The pool in the Library is something different with its red color. I know that it is just the tiles that give it the red color, we are all accustomed to pools with blue tiles but I love this so much better than a regular pool. Even the beach chairs and umbrellas are red to match the red pool. This hotel is by far my favorite hotel pool in the world.

If you want to know more about this crazy red pool or just the resort in general then visit their website for more! (Click here to visit there website)

Photo taken from Google
Photo taken from Google
Photo taken from Google



All of the hotels listed here are truly amazing with there decor, architectual desgin, and of course their pool. What is a hotel with out a pool ? It is just a place with a lot of beds.

Thanks for reading – The Hotel Fanatic

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