Hotels that love our planet (Happy Earth Day)

I am a traveler, I love to explore the world and stay in hotels that offer a wide variety of amenities. But when you travel the world many people don’t think of our planet, and what it has to offer. There are many great reasons to travel the world but it is and will always be draining our resources. for example, Flying and driving use up the world’s fossil fuel. The daily change of linen and the constant running of the laundry machines waste our water. All of these factors are ruining the world, but that doesn’t mean you should stay home and not travel.

When you are looking into booking a hotel or resort factor in mother nature. These days most hotels are turning eco-friendly. While there are options like Airbnb that are more eco-friendly, they are not practical for every stay.

Below I will be listing six hotel chains that make a difference in the world, it might not be a big diffrenece but every little thing counts.

1 Hotels

1 Hotels are known to be an eco-friendly hotel brand with its nature-themed hotels. They bring, the outdoors inside even all the way up to each guest room. All 1 Hotels are built from natural building materials, from the hotel’s walls to the furniture in the guest rooms, everything is natural, they try to limit the amount of man-made materials used.

Element Hotels

Element Hotels is a more of a health-inspired hotel but incorporates eco friendly touches into its hotels, for example, every room has floor to ceiling windows to let natural light in so you don’t have to use a large amount of energy, each room has silver wear instead of plastic wear in its rooms, and Element Hotels uses eco friendly material in there furniture. The eco-friendly brand has also teamed up with Swell Bottle to create a better way to drink. You can find Swell Bottles in participating hotel around the world.

Kimpton Hotels

The Boutique hotel brand Kimpton Hotels are teamed up with Clean the World, which collects and recycles soap from checked out guest rooms and distributes the soaps to people in need all around the world. By doing this they hope to improve global health and reduce the spread of disease. Some Kimpton Hotels have LEED certificates as well.

Westin Hotels

Westin Hotels is a great hotel brand, they care about the world and your health. Westin has a commitment to reduce waste, water, and energy in all its properties around the world. Just by reusing your towels and turning off the lights when you leave your room makes a difference. (Fun Fact: Element Hotels is Westin’s, Sister Brand)

W Hotels

W Hotels is an upbeat young hotel, you would never think that this brand would be eco-friendly, well it is. W Hotels has teamed up with Will.i.am and Coca-Cola to recycle plastic bottles into the hotel bedding. These eco-friendly sheets are supposed to be as cozy as high thread count cotton.

Hilton Hotels

Hilton Hotels takes a big roll of having eco-friendly hotels. This big company makes a big impact on the world. Hilton established goals to reduce water consumption by 10%, and waste production by 20%. Up to 94% of Hilton Hotel’s energy is green. The hotel brand also gives excess food to people in need and recycles its mattresses and box springs.

All of this is not even a small dent in the list of hotels that are either becoming or have already become eco-friendly. Each hotel that goes green will help the world become a better place.

Thanks for reading, and happy Earth Day- The Hotel Fanatic

Quote from~ 1 Hotels

“The world around us is beautiful and we want to keep it that way”

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