Hotel Key Cards

In one of my older posts (The ”Write” Stuff) I wrote, ”Every time I stay at a hotel I always take a lot of photos so that I can have a memory of my stay, however, it never seemed to be enough. Ever since I was young, there was always one thing that I always took home with me as a memento, that one thing was the hotel pen.” Well to be honest, the hotel pen is not the only thing that I collect.

Once I began collecting hotel pens I took it a little further and started collecting hotel key cards as well. Ever since I was a child, key cards fascinated me. Everything about them from the varying shapes of the card to the advertisements or designs on the card, it got me excited every time I stayed in a hotel and it still does to this day. Now every time I visit a hotel even if it is just to check out the lobby I will ask a front desk worker if they have a hotel key card (and of course a hotel pen too).

The way that guests access their hotel room has evolved with the changing times. It began by using a regular key that you inserted into the door. After that it evolved into the plastic key card with the mag stripe that slides into the door handle assembly. The next generation key card you just have to put the key against the door handle. The most up to date hotels now let you unlock your guest room using your smartphone.

As technology evolves and improves will key cards become a thing of the past? Technology is moving at such a fast pace that will even the smartphone access soon be a relic of the past? What will be the wave of the future? Isis scan? DNA scan? Only time will tell. For now I am just glad that I can still ask for a key card to add to my future museum display.

Below I you can see part of my hotel key card collection. Enjoy and thanks for reading – The Hotel Fanatic



Want to know a secret… when the hotel asks for the key card back, I never give it back Shhhhh.

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