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Atrium Lobbies (My Top 7)

If you did not already know, I am a high school senior. Yes I know what you all are thinking, how does he have time to juggle his high school schedule and his amazing blog. Well the answer is school work is my #1 priority. I have not been posting that frequently since I am studying for my mid terms (they are not on hotels). Once I get passed my mid terms I will be full speed ahead with new and exciting things to share on my website and all my social platforms. For now I created this post just to show I am still alive. 😂


Seth Teitelbaum

What makes a hotel special? some might say the decor, others might say the amenities, while others might say it is the rooms. I say it is something totally different. To me the lobby of a hotel makes the hotel something special, but not just any lobby, it has to be an atrium lobby. When I walk into a hotel and see the high ceilings and open layout allowing me to see all the rooms on every floor it is truly an amazing sight. There are many different hotels with atrium lobbies, but there are seven hotels that made my list as truly exceptional. Let’s get into what take a look at my top seven atrium lobbies.

Marriott Marquis Atlanta

The Marriott Marquis Atlanta is one of my favorite hotels that has an atrium lobby. The design of the lobby is truly spectacular. If you ever saw the movie Star Trek it makes you feel like you are on the enterprise. The curves of the building give it a futuristic spaceship look. From the outside, the building looks like a normal sky scraper but from the inside, it is an architectural masterpiece. Make sure you get a room on a higher floor because you will love the high-speed glass elevators. “Beam me up Scotty”.

Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab is the first and only hotel that has a seven-star rating. The atrium lobby is something else. Each floor is lit up in another color and there are four-story tall gold pillars. The atrium lobby starts at ground level, there are two escalators going up to the main atrium lobby and in the middle are two fountains where the water dances to the beat of calming music. The main lobby has one large fountain that makes its way up to the top of the atrium every few minutes. There is just something about this lobby that you can’t take your eyes off of it. Luxury comes in many different ways.

Gaylord National Harbour

One thing that makes Gaylord hotels different from the rest is that each and every one of their four hotels has an atrium lobby. Gaylord hotels are known for its massive hotels and creative lobby’s. The Gaylord National is my favorite one of them all. The lobby is large and has beautiful decor lined with paths that lead to bridges that’s crosses small lakes. The lobby is lush and full of greenery. The entire lobby is encased in glass from top to bottom. The hotel was designed to face the national harbour so you can get spectacular views from inside the hotel. Some of the guest rooms have windows and balcony’s that open to the lobby, don’t worry those views are nice too. The Gaylord National makes you feel like you are in a totally different world.

Hyatt Regency San Francisco

When I first saw the Hyatt Regency I instantly fell in love. The atrium lobby has such an interesting shape to it. From the outside to the inside it is like a triangle that is shaved. Each floor has greenery hanging off the banister and on the ground level is a large art piece in the middle that lights up and is surrounded by a fountain. There are nice sitting areas and a bar on the side. You reach your floor by using one of the glass elevators which give you a fantastic view of the lobby as you rise to your floor. the roof of the atrium lobby is comprised of glass skylights which allow the natural light to shine to the bottom of the lobby.

Trump DC

The building that houses the Trump DC was originally an old post office. This hotel’s lobby design is truly luxurious The lobby has a large bar and seating area. Overhead is the large metal skeleton design that stretches from one end of the lobby to the other. Large elaborate chandeliers hang down from the skeleton. Marble tiled floors and nice sitting areas all add to the rich decor. Like all Trump Hotels it has to have high standards, and trust me when I say that this one went above and beyond.

Marriott Marquis New York

There is a difference between a Marriott And a Marriott Marquis. A Marriott is a normal hotel but the Marriott Marquis hotels are larger hotels that have banquet halls and much larger event spaces to house different meetings and parties. Usually, all of the Marriott Marquis will have atrium lobbies. The Marriott Marquis New York Has a stunning atrium lobby wherein the center in a circular bank of high-speed glass elevators. The actual lobby is several floors up from ground level. Each floor of the hotel has a barrier so that you won’t fall over and fall fifty floors down when you try to see the view down. The lobby has many different seating areas and there is a restaurant that has a nice view of New York’s famous Times Square.

Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Disney Hotels and Resorts design every one of there properties differently. The Contemporary Resort is an older hotel but that resort has something that makes it stand out, the monorail goes through it. Yes, the actual monorail goes into the hotel lobby and has a stop in the hotel. The atrium lobby has carpet floors and a nine-story-high atrium. There is a large art piece that is built into the wall at one end of the resort. The other side of the hotel has a large glass wall from top to bottom with the tracks coming through. Wouldn’t you want to walk out of your room and watch the monorail go right through your hotel?

There are so many different hotels that have an atrium lobby but the seven I listed are truly different in my opinion as well as to others who have experienced them.

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Seth Teitelbaum

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