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Review: AC Hotels By Marriott Downtown New York City

Ah yes, New York City, the city that never sleeps. But where do you go when you do want a good night’s sleep. That’s why when I was staying in Manhattan I did not choose a hotel in the hustle and bustle of busy Time Square but instead, I chose to stay in a more quiet area of town, well at least quiet at night. I chose Downtown Manhattan, which is home to the Freedom Tower, South Street Seaport, Battery Park, and the AC Hotel. The AC Hotel is a newly completed property that sits just one block away from the East River at 151 Maiden Ln, New York, NY 10038. The property opened its doors in October 2018 and is actually having its grand opening party this week. The Hotel offers 274 guestrooms and has 30 floors.

The Lobby

The lobby of the AC hotel is divided into two floors, the first floor houses the front desk, the AC Store. Go up the staircase to the second floor where you will find the breakfast area and bar as well as the library. When I entered the hotel my senses were stimulated by the fresh signature scent of the hotel. I was greeted by the front desk staff asking me if I was checking in. Sadly I arrived early and my room was not yet available. The front desk representative happily offered to hold my luggage until my room was available. The first floor of the lobby had a very minimalist aesthetic to it. The lobby decor was very light and the area felt open and airy. Next to the front desk was the AC Store which offers guests grab and go items for sale such as snacks, drinks, and even coffee and tea.  There were two items that caught my eye and they were the AC Hotel S’well bottle and the AC Candle. I am a big fan reusable bottles but ones that have hotel names or logos on them get me excited. The AC candle caught my eye immediately because as I said earlier I was intrigued by the unique scent of the hotel.

The front desk was large enough to accommodate three people. In the center of the lobby was a stunning art piece which was situated in the center of the winding staircase that led to the second floor. To the side of the art piece were the three elevators of the hotel. I took the elevator to the second floor to visit the library which was well stocked with a large selection of reading material and was furnished with very comfortable chairs and couches. The area also acts as the hotels business center with two computers and a printer. Next to the library is the AC Lounge Bar and which in the morning doubles as the breakfast area. By the time I completed my self-tour of the entire lobby I was informed that my room was ready so I went up to my guestroom to see what it is all about.

Fun Fact: 

The AC in AC Hotels stands for Antonio Catalan

The Guestroom

Upon exiting the elevator on my floor, looked around and realized that the hallways were actually quite small and narrow. I didn’t expect anything different since it is a hotel in New York City where space is at a premium and every inch counts. When I entered my room I noticed the room had a very modern and minimalist design. The room I booked was a double bedroom with a river view. The room was a nice size for a hotel in Manhattan. The room had an open closet with hangers and next to it was a safe and a mini fridge which was filled with complementary AC Hotel water bottles. as in every hotel room, there was also a coffee machine. The bathroom was across with a sliding glass fogged door, the bathroom was well lit with a medium sized vanity and a rainfall shower. I am not a fan of fogged doors on a bathroom due to the fact that if you share the room with someone you do not get full privacy.

The two beds were very comfortable and soft. The view from my guestroom was nice. The view when looking straight was a group of other building but when I turned to the left I had the view of the East River in all of its glory. The room had a Flat screen TV and a writing desk. In terms of storage, the room is truthfully lacking. The open closet is small can only hold a limited amount of clothing. Along the wall next to the desk there is an area that acts as either a bench or a space to place your luggage. I would have loved to have a modern dresser so I would have more storage room.  After looking around my room I decided to look around and see what else the property has to offer.

The Amenities

As far as the amenities go there are three areas in the AC Downtown. The Fitness Center, The AC Lounge, and The Library. I discussed the AC Lounge and Library before but I did not get to the Fitness Center. The Fitness Center is located on the bottom floor of the hotel. In the fitness, there are multiple cardio machines, free weights, and one general workout machine. There are also multiple sizes of fitness balls to work with as well. The room was bright with a full mirrored wall. The Fitness Center has a refrigerator filled with complimentary cooled towels and water bottles. If you are like me and prefer to fill your personal reusable bottle then there is a fresh filtered water unit. I recommend the fitness center to all people who have to get their daily workout in when on business or leisure travel.

Fun Fact:

The AC Hotel Scent is called Between The Woods, it is created in partnership with Joya. The Scent features smells that exists in harmony with each other such as cut grass and root, fig leaf and stem, gum resins, amber elements and fir balsam.

The Local Area

The AC Hotel downtown NYC is steps away from Wall Street, the East River, the Freedom Tower and more. Take a ferry ride to Brooklyn Bridge Park or visit the South Street Sea Port just blocks away from the property. Luxury Shopping is just a short walk or even shorter drive away at the Oculus. There is no shortage of restaurants in the area. The lights and huge screens that is Times Square is just a short subway ride away. Walks in the park can’t get any better than at Battery Park. While this hotel is located in a quiet area at night it is still not far from all the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple.

The AC Hotel Downtown NYC has a very sophisticated and minimalist design. I think this hotel is a great choice when looking for a hotel in Manhattan for business and/or pleasure. The staff and service are second to none. They are caring and professional and will help you with any of your needs or concerns. The lobby is warm and welcoming, the rooms are comfortable, and the amenities are first rate. I can’t wait to stay here again in the near future.

Thanks for reading and cheers,

Seth Teitelbaum

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