Amazon Wants Alexa In Every Hotel Room

Amazon the online shopping giant does a good job of getting its Alexa into our homes. Amazon now wants Alexa in our hotel rooms as well. Just a few days ago Amazon announced a program called Alexa for Hospitality. Amazon is inviting hotels to put an Echo device in each hotel room so guests can easily find out all the info they need while on vacation.

The Echo will have some special features such as the ability to contact hotel staff and make reservations for restaurants in the hotel. The service will be customizable for every hotel brand that uses it. Marriott International will be the first to implement this in their hotels. Marriott hotels, Westin, Aloft, St Regis, and Autograph Collection hotels, all part of Marriott International, will have the Echo devices in each room.

It won’t be surprising if an Amazon Echo will soon replace the telephone in all hotel rooms. I guess we will have to wait and see.



  1. Would make a lot more sense for hotels to use Google Homes instead of the Echo. The Google Home is far easier to use. We started with the Echo but replaced with a Google Home.

    Hotels also get a lot of people with ascents and the Echo is basically unusable if you have an accent.


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