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Marriott Hotels are getting a little creative inside their hotel rooms, but not in the average way. As technology advances hotels try to incorporate new technology thouroughout their lobbies and guest rooms. A few weeks ago Marriott announced a new collaboration with LIFEWTR to create an AR(Agumented realty) art experience. The two companies created a key that is attached to hotel water bottles that unlock the AR experience

Guests can scan the QR code on the LIFEWTR bottles at select Marriott properties, they will then be prompted to open Facebook in app camera for the experience to begin. The code on the bottle unlocks a selection of art that you can place around your hotel room on the virtual walls. All the art pieces are made by the artists that design the cover of each LIFEWTR bottle.

The AR experience was part of a pop up event in the World Trade Center Oculus in New York City as well part of Miami Art Week whitch ran though December 9th. The first hotel that offered this interesting feature was Marriott Stanton South Beach. This experience will be hitting different Marriott properties around the country throughout 2019.

If you get to experence this, LIFEWTR encourages you to use the Hashtag #UnlockingInspiration

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