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Marriott Will Build A 26 Story Hotel In Just 90 Days

The world’s largest hotel chain will soon hold the title of having the world’s tallest modular hotel when the “AC Hotel New York NoMad” opens next year. This hotel will be different than well, any other hotel ever built. It wont take years to build, it will only take 90 days according to Marriott International.

“In North America, the construction process hasn’t changed significantly in 150 years and it’s ripe for innovation,” Eric Jacobs, Marriott International’s chief development officer of North American select and extended stay-brands, said in a statement. “The world’s tallest modular hotel, in one of the world’s greatest destinations, will act as a game-changing symbol to ignite even greater interest in modular among the real estate and lending industries.”

The property’s 168 rooms will be prefabricated in a factory in Poland. It will be complete with painted walls, flooring, beds, sheets, pillows, and even bath products. The finished modules will be shipped to New York where they will be trucked in during the night so it does not disturb traffic. The lobby and restaurant will be built with normal construction methods, but the rooftop bar will be built prefab, just like the rooms. The property will be located on 30th Street and 6th Avenue. Construction will begin in the fall and is expected to take ONLY three months!

I was literally out of my seat and dancing out of excitement when I heard of this amazing news. I can’t wait to watch the hotel rooms being put into place. Modular construction is not new in New York City, but it is still not the norm. Brands like Pod and CitizenM used this construction design in their properties that are located in Manhattan(CitizenM) and Brooklyn(Pod).

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32 thoughts on “Marriott Will Build A 26 Story Hotel In Just 90 Days Leave a comment

  1. Great to see! The headline is a bit of a misnomer though. Should say “Placed in 90 days” Wonder how many manhours were spent in Poland and shipping…;) Wave of the future is hitting our shores.


  2. Skystone Group LLC are completing all works on this AC Marriott Hotel as General Contractor, installing the traditional basement to podium works and all the modular units..#skystone #macskystone

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  3. It won’t be long until this come to a city near you and this type of construction won’t be limited to hotels. Forward thinking contractors need to lean in before our customers decide to start importing buildings instead of hiring us to build them.


  4. There are companies in the U.S. that do this modular hotel construction – better to buy USA! Seems like freight from Poland would be pretty costly. Guerdon Modular building has done many modular hotels for Marriott and Hilton. Not sure how long all of these have been in existence to see how the long term durability is… interesting concept.


  5. I’m interested to know how they will tie in the utilities. Also, there’s a lot of prework that is not mentioned, like the design, and obtaining permits. And I wonder if they will insulate it as a whole when the whole thing is up.


  6. Great News. I beleive that soon Will be a normal thing.
    I Love hotel construction and i managed quite a few.
    Hotel Project Management is my thing.


  7. This is becoming a popular topic when constructing hospitality and apartment complexes. A 400000 SF factory is being constructed for Autovol in Nampa, ID that uses robotic construction will soon be manufacturing modular hotels.


  8. That’s awesome. However….It will be interested finding out how standard and lengthy inspections procedures would take place as mandatory order per applicable states and local building codes in place. Perhaps New York building inspectors are allowed traveling often to Poland and be authorized by local government to do so? That will be a real change for building departments means and methodology currently in place and will give back to our family of AEC more control of its own efficiency and productivity.

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  9. I Love Modular, I’ve fabricated and assembled industrial modals over the years, it’s a great building method. I’ve even done final assembly it in NYC. My top questions are:
    1) how did Marriott solve the off site code inspection for imbedded MEPs
    2) will union labor be used for assembly, if so, how did Marriott resolve the union claims for modular imbedded MEPs
    3) in more forward thinking locations I’ve seen electrical plug connections used for power, low voltage, fire alarm and flexible plumbing connections used at modular interfaces, did Marriott get NYC to accept such a solution.

    Best of luck to Marriott, I’m only disappointed in Marriott choosing an oversees location for fabrication. Shipping from port to port is much less size limiting then rail or road transport. I’m thinking that the future solution is modularized wall and floor sections with final modular assembly at or near the site.

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