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An idea created by a designer Steve Lee of Toronto based Aprilli Design Studio, could allow travelers to book a hotel suite, but not any kind of suite, a suite on wheels. Each suite comes with beds, a private bathroom with a toilet and a sitting shower, a small kitchen, and plenty of space to unwind. Think of it as an RV but without having to do the driving. According to USA Today, the driverless vehicles will be battery operated and will be able to pick up and drop off passengers and travel up to 10 hours on a  single charge. Imagine going sightseeing from the comfort of your hotel room. For travelers who want to take a longer trip and want to take time off the road, Lee imagines there can be a hotel of travel suites that have all the amenities of a traditional hotel (such as a pool or restaurant) with the ability to charge your vehicle at the same time. Lee hopes the travel suites will be on the roads by 2030, but the technology has not been perfected so it might be a little longer. For now, we will have to just book a regular hotel room.

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