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The Nickelodeon Hotel in Orlando is closing its doors (say goodbye to the slime)

The Nickelodeon Hotel located in Orlando Florida which originally opened in 2005 is closing its doors. After taking over the Holiday Inn Family Suites Resort, the resort was redesigned and made in to the Nick Hotel that everyone knows. The Nick Hotel was something different for Orlando. The aging resort makes the Nick Hotel a celebration of the 1990s.

Last year the Nickelodeon Brand announced their new partnership with Karisma Hotels. the first Karisma+Nickelodeon Hotel was in Punta Cana and a second hotel is coming to Mexico. Other Karisma Hotels are going to include some Nickelodeon themed areas but none of the future hotels are to be located in Florida.

The Nickelodeon hotel will be re-branded as a Holiday Inn resort and Suites. The Hotel is currently being stripped of its bright colors and it will have a beach theme, the Nickelodeon themed areas  such as 3D movie theater and gift shops around the resort will also be remodeled as well.

The Nickelodeon Hotel with close its doors on April 18 2018.


3 thoughts on “The Nickelodeon Hotel in Orlando is closing its doors (say goodbye to the slime) Leave a comment

  1. I’ve seen a commercial for this hotel when I was a kid. Now that it is a Holiday Inn resort, it’s quite unnerving that something that I have been wanting to go to has completely went past the window of opportunity.


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