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A hotel exclusively for plants? Yes, that is a thing. If you are like me who is worried about how your indoor plants will survive when you are on vacation, then you can send your plants on a little plantcation. Patch Plant Hotel, the people behind the online plant shop Patch, is here to keep your plants healthy in their plants only botanical garden. It’s free to book and even food and drinks are on the house for your beloved plant. The Patch Plant Hotel, located in Battersea London is now open and is now accepting reservations throughout September 5th. There are 100 rooms up for grabs that can accommodate your leafy friends. You can visit to make your reservation. Don’t worry, during your plantation your plants will be watched over by a wellness team who will do a custom hydration plan. That sounds luxurious!

With love from the city that never sleeps(NYC),

Seth Teitelbaum

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