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The World’s Most Expensive Hotel Room Is At The Palms Casino In Las Vegas

Unveiled on March 1, the Palms Casino Resort shows off the most expensive hotel suite in the world, the Empathy Suite which has a price tag of $100,000 per night. The two story 9000 square foot suite has a minimum stay of two nights, which means you wont be leaving the hotel without a minimum $200,000 bill. Among its other amenities, the suite has a pool that suspends over the side of the building and two bull sharks preserved in formaldehyde. The suite was designed by famed British artist Damien Hirst. The suite also features a 13 seat curved bar with two glass suspended boxes that showcase two Marlin fish. The suite has two master bedrooms, each with its own massage room and salt relaxation room. The suite also includes extras like a private car, 24 hour butler service, $10,000 resort credit, and a VIP behind the scenes art tour. The room is spectacular and is part of Palms master renovation that is costing $690 Million dollars.

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Seth Teitelbaum

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